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Posters for Posterity

It seems that the Faculty of 1000 would be very keen to have your scientific poster after you’ve rolled it up and left the scientific conference. It is a laudable idea, and should definitely help spread the information about your work-in-progress or these experiments that don’t work, thereby possibly saving time and resource.

Unfortunately, some bug in the program, or else, means that some posters cannot be uploaded. Here, we reproduce in part two posters that got lost in cyberspace and never got uploaded…. talk about failure!

Anyway, now you can read at leisure all about the fru phenotypes, thereby making your own failures much easier to classify. Feel free to send them this way, as the study is on-going and we need to get the numbers up if we’re ever going to predict the future (see previous posts…)

Reliquology I

Reliquology I: Studying Relics


Reliquology II: Study of Reliquum by Distillation, Chromatography and HPLC

Don’t forget: you heard about it here first.

Update: After rejecting the posters to include in their Poster repository, citing the fact that it didn’t fit in either the Biology not the Medicine category, the posters have been accepted. They can be viewed here and here. A short article about failomics also puts the whole thing into perspective

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  1. aliza
    September 4, 2011 at 3:11 am

    These posters are so amazing! Would it be possible to get copies ? Thanks

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