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Ideas as parasites

This schematic drawing explains the potential danger of being exposed to ideas. These act as parasites and drain the host of energy. We suggest that the best protection might be ear-masks.

The parasitic cycle of Reliquum (©Isabelle Desjeux 2010)

Extracted from “Reliquum, a Field Survey”, a book to be published in the year, maybe.

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  1. Justa Thort
    February 17, 2012 at 3:15 pm


    Thoughts are parasitic.. and the self is the camouflage, the skin.

    The idea of self has to be used by thoughts cause they evolved that way… And just like the parasitic wasp, they are successful because we are tricked into believing that the ideas come FROM us. When in reality, they FEED on our inner projected space.

    Have you ever noticed how angry lazy people can get when it comes to arguing against the idea of motivation. Or how angry pacifists can get when defending the idea of peace..

    Those ideas are just the apex predators that have managed to achieve dominance in the ecosystem that is that humans consciousness.. and there are an infinite number of subtle little shifts of emphasis those ideas can take.

    You know what I mean?
    YOU know what I mean?
    You KNOW what I mean?
    You know WHAT I mean?
    You know what I MEAN?
    You know what I mean?
    You know what I mean.


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