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Laboratory of Waste Management

Laboratory of Waste Management Diagram

The Laboratory of Waste Management - How it Works

If you think about it, all manners of failures and waste can be recycled. If you think about it really carefully, you’ll also notice that this waste is full of potential energy that can be harnessed for… recycling projects and new experiments. Here, we have a diagram describing how such a set-up can be constructed.

Description follows:

Failure (1) and Success (2) are connected, as we have already proven that you cannot have one without the other. Here, we harness the energy produced by the water flowing between the communicating vessels, using a turbine (3). The energy produced is used to power up the distillation (heat) (4). The distillation uses a solution of sticky failures(5) collected in the lab during the day. Due to their high content in carbohydrates, they ferment easily and can be transformed into a strong distillat(6) fit for consumption or for powering up an engine. The electricity produced by the communicating vessels can also be harnessed to power the magnetic stirrer (7) essential to the saponification of oily waste. The soap (8) thus produced can be used to clean the lab coat used during the experimentation. Finally, the electricity can also be used to power up artificial light (9) that will help experimental plants grow (10).

This set-up can easily be installed in a bathroom, as is demonstrated here

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